The 2012 Draft Will be a Quarterback Class

Never has there been so many good college quarterbacks in the NCAA just waiting to go to the NFL next year. Obviously there’s Andrew Luck, the projected #1 overall pick, but you also have Michigans’s Denard Robinson, USC’s Matt Barkley, Oklahoma’s Landry Jones, who throws for monster yardage, the mobile Darron Thomas, Boise State’s experienced Kellen Moore, and Brandon Weeden, the 27 year old seinor. And the NFL is hurting for quarterbacks.Seattle, Miami, Washington, Arizona, and potentially the Cowboys if Tony Romo leaves all hunting for quarterbacks. The 2012 draft class will have a strange mix of classic gunslingers like Luck and Jones, and speedy hybrids like Darron Thomas. I am not usually a huge college football fan, but these exciting young QBs have my attention. Which will be more successful in the pros? Luck is a given, but what about Thomas versus Jones? Power, deep bombs and risky shots downfield, or Speed, escaping and manuvering to move the chains? I’m not saying there won’t be other young, explosive players in the first round. Trent Richardson will most likely go early, and LaMicheal James will almost certainly be a big star. But the 2011 season will be a spotlight for these quarterbacks, their audition for NFL teams and fans, as we watch to see who we want for our team next June.

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