Living Legends

Last week, I wrote a piece criticizing the All-Star game for corrupting the World Series. But for all of its faults (of which there are numerous), the All-Star game still brings together the finest ballplayers on the earth once a year. In that spirit, here are a few of the players we’ll miss when they’reContinue reading “Living Legends”


Baseball Fans are Idiots: Everything Wrong with the All Star Game

This has gotten out of hand. When Addison Russell, a .242 hitter, is starting the All Star Game, you know the rules need amending. Now, Russell’s a fine young player, and he’s got a bright future, but this is ridiculous. This year, it was Cubs fans who went bananas, voting in their entire infield overContinue reading “Baseball Fans are Idiots: Everything Wrong with the All Star Game”