49ers Week 3

So about that optimism… Yeah, Kaepernick isn’t very good. Neither are the 49ers.  The Arizona Cardinals’ secondary is exceptional. So are the Cardinals.  Unstoppable force meets very moveable object-Niners vs Cards Week Three.  Going to be a long season in Santa Clara.

Statement Made: 49ers Smack Vikings on Monday Night Football.

I am pumped.┬áTake that, Niners haters. All offseason, Niner fans had to endure countless predictions of an abysmal season and a team cobbled together of NFL Europe players and duct tape. Conversely, the Vikings were hyped as the next big thing in the NFC. Of course, it’s Week 1, which means absolutely nothing most ofContinue reading “Statement Made: 49ers Smack Vikings on Monday Night Football.”

NC Double A-The One’s Who Never Quite Made it in the Bigs

As another avenue to NFL dreams closes off for Tim Tebow, it seems prudent to look at some of the biggest collegiate stars that never quite cut it in their respective professional leagues in the last ten years. These guys aren’t draft busts-often times professional GM’s have been shrewd enough to recognize that these athletesContinue reading “NC Double A-The One’s Who Never Quite Made it in the Bigs”