College Football Playoff, The National Championship Game-Ducks versus Bucks

Here it is. So long awaited, College Football has finally arrived in the promised land. While the inaugural College Football Playoff has had obvious flaws that need to be addressed, it also delivered a terrific weekend of football and gave us a National Championship Game that would not have been possible with the BCS system.Continue reading “College Football Playoff, The National Championship Game-Ducks versus Bucks”

Not in the Cards for Arizona without a Quality QB

Arizona came out the gate strong in 2014, their ferocious defensive fire fueled by the fact that they were left out of the 2013-14 NFL Playoffs with a 10-6 record. Despite losing linebacker Daryl Washington and defensive tackle Darnell Dockett for the entire season, Arizona was a dominant team from the start of the seasonContinue reading “Not in the Cards for Arizona without a Quality QB”

College Football Playoff- Round One in Review

If I had only listened to my Uncle Dave, I might have had more success in picking the winners in the first two playoff games in the inaugural College Football Playoff. He is an absolute football guru with incomparable football knowledge. But seriously, who was expecting that? Florida State’s collapse was the result of 4Continue reading “College Football Playoff- Round One in Review”