The 2014 NFL Playoff Picture-Wild Card Round

NFC  Game 1: San Francisco at Green Bay On paper, this screams for an blowout, and Colin Kaepernick has had his way with the Packers defense the last 2 times these teams have met. The Packers have a weak run defense and just barely scraped by into the playoffs at 8-7-1. They needed late magicContinue reading “The 2014 NFL Playoff Picture-Wild Card Round”


The Arizona Cardinals-Team Report

The Arizona Cardinals are in an interesting (and unforturnate) situation. They are 9-5, good enough for first place in 4 NFL divisions, yet they are currently on the outside looking in for the playoffs. It doesn’t help that the NFC is clearly the stronger conference, with powerhouses such as Seattle, San Francisco, Carolina, and NewContinue reading “The Arizona Cardinals-Team Report”

Manziel’s NFL Projection

Johnny Manziel is one of College Football’s premier players and is making a strong case for his second Heisman Trophy in a row. It’s indisputable that he is a great college quarterback-the question is whether or not that will translate to the pros. Many NFL scouts are projecting him to go in the second toContinue reading “Manziel’s NFL Projection”