Finding Baseball’s Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” documentary has sparked intrigue and debate worldwide about who-if anyone-could live up to the astronomical standards he set in his fanatical pursuit of unparalleled dominance. Even within his own sport, the debate is contentious, so attempting to translate that to baseball makes for an choppy transition. But it is quarantineContinue reading “Finding Baseball’s Michael Jordan”

Seems Like the World Needs a Miracle Right Now. Here’s One…

July 20th, 1969. There were two things that happened that day. Technically many things happened that day, but there are two that are relevant to our story. In Quebec, Bobby Pfeil’s squeeze bunt scored Ron Swoboda to put the New York Mets ahead 4-3 on the Montreal Expos at Parc Jarry, the predecessor to OlympicContinue reading “Seems Like the World Needs a Miracle Right Now. Here’s One…”

Keeping Score-Nine Thoughts About the 2020 Season

The 2019-2020 off season was the most tumultuous one the sport had endured since the Mitchell Report scarred the legacy of not only some of baseball’s greatest sluggers but the character of the sport itself. The Astros cheating scandal, ignored and dismissed by the MLB despite several suggestions to look investigate, was blown wide openContinue reading “Keeping Score-Nine Thoughts About the 2020 Season”

What Every MLB Team is Thankful for in One Sentence

Happy Thanksgiving! National League West Los Angeles Dodgers MVP Cody Bellinger has yet to celebrate his 25th birthday and isn’t a free agent until 2024. Colorado Rockies Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado make up the best left side of an infield since Jeter and A-Rod. San Francisco Giants Watching games is great no matter howContinue reading “What Every MLB Team is Thankful for in One Sentence”