Overtime win best thing for Luck and Stanford

While some of us Cardinal fans would have rested easier if Stanford had won the game without the drama, ultimately it was the best thing for Luck and Co. First of all, Luck reinforced the opinion of scouts the Luck should be the Number 1 overall pick. He has shown that he can lead a comeback win, doesn’t panic in the clutch, has good clock management skills, and he doesn’t dwell on his mistakes, such as the Pick-6 he thew towards the end of regulation. He didn’t quit, tried again, and was sucessful. Luck has all the elements of a franchise quarterback that  scouts love, and now he aslo has shown he has what it takes to lead a comeback win against a big rival. With Clemson losing, the win not only kept Stanford’s winning streak alive, it propelled them to the Number 4 spot. When a good team that seems invincible loses, like the Yankees, criticism is thrown everywhere. But when they prove that they can win even when it doesn’t come by the usual overpowering methods, they are elevated to the plateau of a great team. Winning is the name of the game, and thats what Stanford did. Much like Tim Tebow and the Broncos, it wasn’t pretty, but it worked. And if it works, that’s all we fans care about.

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