Tebow Not Invincible

For all those caught up in the Tim Tebow frenzy, today was a disappointment as the Broncos lost by a big margin, 45-10. This game exposed Tebow’s biggest weakness-He doesn’t have the ability to lead a high-flying offense in order to keep up with prolific offensive team like the Lions. Don’t get me wrong. I like Tebow. He proved in college he could win and had great intangibles.He’s proven he can keep his head up through boos and play in the clutch. When the pressure’s greatest he’s at his best. But what about the first 3 quarters? Tebow was merely pedestrian today, and against Miami, the league’s worst team, he played poorly until the final quarter. To be fair, he is only one man, and the Bronco’s defense was the biggest culprit of today’s loss. However, you have to put up more than 10 points if you want to win consistently. My point is, Tebow is not going to be the franchise quarterback that GMs dream about. He’s not going to throw for 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. What he will do is grind. Gring for yards on the ground, and through the air, he wants it so bad that he makes himself make the throw. Grinding’s fine, but I believe that to be a truly successful quarterback in the NFL, you have to lead your offense to a reasonable amount of points so that you don’t need that 4th quarter comeback, because we all know sometimes you just come up short. So good luck, Tebow. I believe you have great traits. But sometimes it just isn’t enough. You have to MAKE it enough. Can he? I don’t know. I hope you can, but people need to realize Tebow’s not invincible.

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