The AFC West Isn’t Done Yet

Many of the divisions have been wrapped up by now, or have an obvious front-runner. However the 1 set of 4 teams that could still go anywhere is the AFC West. The Chargers, Raiders, and Broncos are still in the hunt with KC not far behind but struggling. The Raiders, hot for a while, have cooled off, Carson Palmer is back to his ways of old, throwing I-N-Ts. Darren McFadden, on of the best running backs in the league, is still hurt and Micheal Bush, though doing a decent job of filling in, just isn’t the same. The Chargers were down for a while because of Phillip River’s interceptions, but I think his turnaround started with that big game against the terrible Jaguars. We have all learned to never count the Broncos out of anything, no matter what, because just when you need it, Tebow Time is going to show up. Once the dregs of the division, they now lead it. The Chiefs are an obvious a significant step behind, but not impossibly far back. Kyle Orton will need to turn things around quick, but going with him is the right move, because even the horrid Patriots secondary managed to stop him. Some wild predictions: The Broncos ride Tebow Time to the Super Bowl and beyond, because if they can keep it close, the game is theirs. All these repeated comebacks have got to put a little fear in defenders in the final 2 minutes when they are up by less than 2 touchdowns.
Another crazy thought: Carson Palmer will never be the Carson Palmer of 2005-2007. The interceptions will just keep piling up and the Raiders will be sorry they spent so much on him. They’ll turn to Terrelle Pyror next year and he will be the second coming of Cam Newton.
For thirds: The Chiefs will continue to sink and wind up with a high pick in next year’s draft, and will spend it on one of the many great college football quarterbacks to serve as Cassel’s successor (most likely Matt Barkley). With the young and great receiving core of Jon Baldwin, Steve Breaston, and Dwayne Bowe,combined with getting Jamaal Charles back, the Chiefs will be division champions for many years, as Barkley’s upside outweighs Cassel’s and I see him ending his career the way he started it: As a reliable backup who would start on most teams. If you noticed I haven’t said anything about the Chargers in these comments, well that’s beacause I don’t think there’s anything special about them. They’re a 9-7 team with a great QB (Rivers will bounce back, I think) and not much else.

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