Top Ten NFL-Ready College Quarterbacks

1. Andrew Luck. Well, that was a given. Although he didn’t win the Heisman Trophy, that was most likely because Stanford’s conservative offense didn’t allow him to put up monster numbers. His recieving corps was bad, but in the end, as Trent Dilfer said, “He has no flaws.” Luck has valuable leadership skills, knows how to run a pro offense thanks to the Stanford playbook, and has a cannon that fires pinpoint lasers and accurate deep bombs. He can also make or extend plays with his feet. He will be the No.1 overall pick, and for good reason.

2. Matt Barkley. Luck has no flaws, and the same can be said for Barkley. He can play well in times of adversity, with all the craziness going on at USC, and if he ends up on a bad team, he still plays like he has something to play for, as he still played great this year as his 10-2  team was ineliglible to be ranked and for a bowl game. Complete Prospect.

3. Robert Griffin the III. RG3 is a different type of player than Luck or Barkley. Yes, Luck won’t be hindered by a lack of speed, he he doesn’t have the Open-Field elusiveness of RG3. He can also throw it a little bit, as evidenced by the very fine trophy he brought home from New York last week. The flashy big plays are always enticing. There is no word yet on whether or not he is officially entering the draft. There are some concerns about whether or not his slim build and 6’2” frame can take the punishment dished out by the NFL’s best.

4. Kellen Moore. Moore has had 5 years as the Quarterback at Boise State, so he is the rare college QB that is experieinced. He plays well in crunch time and has an accurate arm. All the Intangibles are there, as well as some good accuracy and arm strength. He stands just 6′, which is tall for most people but short for an NFL QB.

5. Landry Jones. Andrew Luck has a strong arm, but it was limited with Stanford’s style of play. Jones had no such problem, as his incredible arm was on full display this season as he racked up amazing passing statistics, such as 505 yards in 1 game! His team was a huge disappointment,though. These huge amounts of passing yards came from many passing attempts per game, which makes him vulnerable to a lot of interceptions.

6. Aaron Murry. Not a lot of people know about him, but behind his school record for touchdown passes, Georigia has cruised to the 13 spot. When I said school record, keep in mind, Matthew Stafford, a former #1 overall pick, also went to Georgia. Good mechanics and a good football player. He’s not a big name but he has 1st Round Talent.

7.Brandon Weeden. I dropped him to Number 7 because he is a 28 year old seinor and that will drop his value in the draft.  He doesn’t have anything paticulary special, but led OSU, which has been a non-factor in recent memory, into the 3rd best team in the country and almost got into the championship game.

8. Case Keenum. He’s a big name, but the Cougars didn’t play anyone decent this year until their last game. Keenum can certainly get the ball into the end zone, but Houston’s soft schedule leaves question marks about his ability to beat good teams.

9.Russel Wilson. He has a terrific sidekick at Wisconsin in Montee Ball, a Heisman Trophy finalist, and has been a productive starter. Was considered a Dark Horse Heisman canidate, but was simply not good enough to be in their. He could sneak into the 1st round with a good combine, but he’s most likely an early second-round pick.

10. Darron Thomas. Oregon’s whole gameplan is built on speed, and the Autosave quit and then I got timed out, ending what I had written, and I don’t feel like typing it all over again.


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  1. RG3 and Moore are the two most interesting future NFL storylines to me. Moore's long tenure will be big for his quick development as a pro, and Griffin just has that knack for playmaking and winning.

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