The Most Underrated College Players

I’ve been reading some things on mock drafts, and there are several big names I’m not seeing, as well as some players that are good and no where to be seen. Here are some potential draft steals.

10. Isi Sofele. Huh? Almost no one has heard of the running back from Cal, but he went well over 1,000 yards rushing, and has good speed and vision. He is small, but Tiki Barber proved you can still suceed in the NFL as small guy if you avoid the big hits. However, Sofele is really small:5’7”.

9. Chase Thomas. Stanfords linebacker has impressed many with his smarts, strength, and speed, but he has recieved little national attention.

8. Denard Robinson. Okay, so Michigan’s Quarterback doesn’t throw the ball that well. Where have we seen that before? Alright, Tebow’s guts and cool head are a rare thing in 4th quarter repeatably, Robinson can fly, has a strong arm, and is raw enough to groom to have good mechanics down the road. Huge potential, Micheal Vick mold.

7. Doug Martin. Boise State’s running game takes a backseat to Kellen Moore and the pass-happy offense, but he breaks tackles well and has the speed to go for 6 on the second level.

6. Keenan Allen. I was actually really suprised that I didn’t see him on any of the lists. He is a polished receiver that has great hands. Zach Maynard’s inaccuracy certainly gave him a lot of chances to come down with spectacular catches. He is a big, tall, reciever who can drag defenders. He runs routes well and shakes defenders, but does not posses world-class speed. I’m not saying he’s slow, just not lightning.

5. Marcus Lattimore. He was considered a Heisman Trophy canidate at the begging of the season, but injuries derailed those hopes. Still, his great vision and other running back skills make him a great prospect.

4. LaMicheal James. Many people think his draft value will fall because of his elbow injury. Unless you are going to run the half-back pass, when will this affect his play? James’ speed is crazy, and I am certain he can be a sucessful NFL running back.

3. Keith Price. Washington stunk, even with Jake Locker. Hopes were low entering htis season, but Price beat out Nick Montana (Joe’s son) to win the starting quarterback job, and has had great sucess, propelling them to bowl bid against Baylor and RG3 with his touchdowns.

2. Colby Fleener. Not many tight ends are initially regarded as 1st or 2nd round picks, but Fleener is big body with soft hands. He got most of Andrew Luck’s targets, as Stanford’s wide receiving corps is actually really bad, and lived up to the task.

1. Kellen Moore. I have him as my #4 Pro-Ready Quarterback, but not many people seem to be agreeing with me. Concerns about his height (6′) and therefore lack of arm strength seemed to scare people away. What every scout wants to see, though, is good mechanics, and Moore has that. He is consistent and always gives his team a chance to win.

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