What happened to the Giants Pitching?

Tim Lincencum,. winner of 2 Cy Young Awards and perennial All-Star, gave up 6 runs in 2 2/3 innings yesterday. The rest of the staff isn’t much better. Cain signed a huge contract and promptly had an ugly start of his own. I didn’t see Bumgarner doing anything much. Ironically, it was ZITO who saved, Zito, the man who we all dreaded taking the mound for the past 4 years. Zito, who has never had an ERA below 4.00 in 4 years as a Giant. All  this bad pitching couldn’t have come at a worse time. If you had asked me last year if the Giants would win if they scored 8 runs my aswer, without hesitation, would be “absoloutley”. But now? I’d have to sit on it for a while. The Giants are finally starting to hit, but it doesn’t matter because their pitching is going to give up a ton of runs. I remember the sinking feeling I would get last year when the Giants were down by 1 or 2 late in the game.  The certainty that we were going to lose because the offense was going to fall flat. And they did. Everytime. The frustration that I, and Lincencum surely felt, after he’d pitch a gem and make 1 bad pitch that goes out of the yard, and boom, you’ve got a L. Sandoval is off to a hot start this year. We have Posey back. We’re getting suprising contributions from Melky Cabrera and Brandon Crawford. And none of it matters. All the questions this offseason were about the Giants hitting, Can they finally help out their pitching staff, Will they win the west with this joke of an offense, that kind of stuff. So this pitching problem comes in like a blindside hit, leaving you wind and wondering, where in the world did that come from? If they can solve it, they can truly be dynamite. I still believe they have the best pitchng staff in the NL West, are second only to the Phillies in all of the MLB. The hitters did their part. They scored the runs the pitching staff was looking for all last season. Now it’s their time to step up.


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