One game does not a starter make.

Everyone’s talking about how 2nd year 49ers QB Colin Kapernick has become a phenomenom with one game against the Bears. Yes, he had a great game. Yes, he made it look easy against one of the league’s premeir defenses.  And if Alex Smith was struggling, a move to Kapernick after a breakout game like that might make sense. But he’s not. People are forgetting that Alex Smith is a very good quarterback.  He’s not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. But he’s a guy who made a clutch pass in the NFC Division round game to Vernon Davis to send the Niners to the NFC championship game. Have a little confidence in the guy that got you there. The Niners are a defensive minded team, but they are very efficient on offense and Smith deserves a lot of credit for that. I like Jim Harbaugh a lot as a coach, and he has done great things for the 49ers, but I think he has handled this situation poorly. The biggest reason for Smith’s great progress last year was Harbaugh showing faith and confidence in Smith. Alex seemed to be unrattled when the Niners pursued Peyton Manning in the offseason, and he has been shown to have a cool head, but Harbaugh can’t keep sending mixed messages like this. It’s frustrating as a fan and I can’t imagine how it would be as a player. I like Colin Kapernick, and I think he has a bright future in the NFL, but he hasn’t shown the consistency Smith has. Both Steve Young and other NFL analysts agree that Alex Smiht should be the starter. Kapernick didn’t shine spectatulary in a bizzare game with the Rams that ended in a tie. With Kapernick, there is going to be a learning curve. Do you really want that when you are making a playoff push? The Bears may have been disheartened by the fact that backup Jason Campbell was starting, they lost 1st round pick Ashlon Jeffrey to a knee injury, and Aldon Smith absolutley tore up their O-line. The Bears just looked like they had nothing left by the end of the game. Getting whupped so soundly on offense may have taken a little heart of their usually fierce defense. Speaking of Aldon Smith, that guy really needs a nickname by now. Bottom line, in the NFL, you can’t afford to make mistakes, and Alex Smith has been very consistent over the last 2 years. As the old saying goes, If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.


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