Well, I’m convinced.

Earlier in the year I said that you can’t make a quarterback change based on one game. Well, Harbaugh disregarded logic and the opinions of many people including myself, and committed to Colin Kaepernick. And now he looks like a genius. Kaepernick used his unique blend of lightning speed, a cannon arm, and a 6’4 frame to pummel the Packers in a 45-31 division round win. There was no question of if, it was always a question of when. I didn’t think that throwing an untested second year quarterback in front of a veteran with playoff experience and the best passer rating in the NFC made any sense as the Niners pushed for a playoff berth. But I was wrong. Kaepernick proved himself on a big stage, in a big game. He wasn’t necessarily clutch, because he beat the Packers so soundly he didn’t need to be.  Kaepernick and the 49ers face another challenge next week, facing either the dynamic rookie Russel Wilson and human truck Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks, or the air raid attack of the 13-3 Falcons. The defense will be a key factor in facing either of those two teams, but Kaepernick’s dual threat abilities really opens up the offense for Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh’s play calling schemes. Kaepernick is an insane athlete, and a head coach’s dream in terms of athleticism and arm strength. But to truly prove himself better than his predecessor, he needs to take the Niners to the Super Bowl.  2 more games left in this postseason. It’s time to bring it.



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