What we know about the NFL after Week 10.

Some important notes about the NFL 10 weeks into a bizzare season.

1. The Chiefs are for real.

Led by a swarming defense, the Chiefs have vaulted themselves to the NFL’s lone undefeated team. The pass rush is unparalled, and the secondary is led by two standout corners in Marcus Cooper and Brandon Flowers, and a ball hawking safety in Eric Berry. On offense, Jamaal Charles is the most productive running back in the NFL right now and Alex Smith is managing the game excellently.

2. Peyton Manning still has it.

This is ridiculous. 33 touchdowns to 6 picks after just 10 weeks. Working with a talented trio of receivers in Wes Welker, Eric Decker, and Demaryius Thomas, nobody can slow down the Bronco’s passing attack.

3. The NFC East stinks.

Somehow, the Giants, who started the season 0-6, are right back in the thick of it in the hopelessly mediocre division. The Cowboys will always finish 8-8, Philedalphia has a explosive offense but a poor defense, and Washington just really isn’t that good. If Eli Manning cuts down on his mistakes and they get a consistent running game out of Andre Brown, the Giants could claw their way back right into the race.

4. Russel Wilson>Colin Kaepernick

It was a often debated topic in the offseason, as a heated rivalry emerged between the Seahawks and Niners and their young, explosive QB’s. Kaepernick was lights out week 1, carving up a Green Bay secondary decimated by injuries. Since then, he’s been mediocre at best and awful at worst. During the 49ers 5 game win streak, he attempted under 20 passes a game and failed to reach 200 passing yards, the team riding on its suffocating defense and powerful ground game. In the 49ers 3 losses, he’s been horrible, throwing for just 91 yards in his latest game and throwing a pick to seal the game during a critical drive in which they needed to get into field goal range. Against the Colts he was ineffective, and he had a nightmarish game in Seattle as just looked plain lost against Seattle’s ferocious defense. Wilson, meanwhile, has been precise, accurate, and a headache for opposing defenses as he has dragged the Seahawks to victory in several games that they were poised to lose. He has managed to get accurate throws off behind a horrific offensive line that has done a poor job protecting him from serious pass rushing threats. Wilson is undoubtabley the better QB here and is the main reason the ‘Hawks sit at 9-1.

5. Case Keenum is not a system QB.

Despite being one of the greatest College Football quarterbacks ever, NFL scouts were unimpressed due to the fact that he played in a weak conference in college and was featured in an air raid offense designed to rack up passing yards. Since he’s taken over as the starter due to a Matt Schuab injury and ineffectiveness from TJ Yates, Keenum has thrown 7 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. He impressed in keeping the injury plauged Texans in a dogfight with the dominant Kansas City Chiefs, and he has quickly developed Chemisty with star receiver Andre Johnson. Coupled with his readiness to chuck it up deep down field, good mobility, and solid accuracy, the Texans look like they have their QB of the future.

6. Tavon Austin is really, really, fast.

There was nobody that could keep up with the speedy rookie wide receiver, as the Rams rode the wave of his 300+ total yards to a victory over the talented Colts. Watching the replay, his speed is straight up ridiculous. The rookie was highly touted in the draft and has taken a few weeks to acclimate to the NFL, but he’s got a bright future.

7. The Falcons are no longer among the league’s elite.

The Falcons started 8-0 last year and made it to the NFC Championship game behind an dominant passing attack. This year, they have been ravaged by injuries to both Roddy White and Julio Jones, and the lack of a ground game has stalled this once-dominant offense. The Falcons may be back next year, but they will need more consistency out of their defense.

8. Geno Smith is better than Mark Sanchez.

Well, we hope. Many people forget that Mark Sanchez took the Jets to the AFC Championship game in each of his first two seasons, and it wasn’t until his third season that he began to regress. Geno has better mobility than Sanchez, and the ability to make a highlight reel play at any time, but he struggles with consistency and typical rookie mistakes. All in all though, not back for a rookie second round draft pick in his first season. Hopefully the sucess sticks, but the jury is still out,

Credit for the image goes to: http://www.espn.go.com

Russel Wilson has been electric this year. Credit for the image goes to sports.yahoo.com

Case Keenum might be the long term answer for the Texans. Credit for the image goes to: houson.culturemap.com

Geno Smith led the Jets to an impressive win over the rival Patriots. Credit for the image goes to: http://www.jetsgab.com

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