Should the Giants sell out before the trade deadline?

As much as it pains me to admit it, the Giants season is over. They’ve absolutely tanked over the past two months and are playing like a cellar dweller. Injuries have plagued them, from leadoff and centerfielder Angel Pagan to steady starter Ryan Vogelsong. Andres Torres hasn’t really stepped up as Gregor Blanco’s replacement in left as Blanco slid over to man center, and now he’s being replaced with former Japanese All-Star Tanaka. Replacing Vogelsong has been an even bigger mess, with Mike Kickham’s astronomical ERA and Chad Gaudin’s injury and recent trouble with the law. It’s not just those guys who have been struggling. Pablo Sandoval has been awful, and Matt Cain’s last start only lasted 2/3rds of an inning. The only players who have been playing well are Buster Posey and Marco Scutaro, but their efforts are not not enough to stave off losses created by the horrendous pitching staff. No one else has advanced past mediocrity, and Hunter Pence has cooled off since his hot start. With the season down the chutes, the question on everyone’s mind (and especially GM Brian Sabean’s) is what to do with the players whose contracts are up at the end of the year. Hunter Pence might be on the trading block, as he’s unlikely to return to the Giants after such and awful season. I know Giants fans appreciate what he did for us last year and what he’s done last year, but no player wants to lose, and his patience might be up. The Pirates are sure to be interested as they make their first playoff push in 20 years and have a weak spot in right field. If they would be willing to give up Gregory Polanco, the Giants should definitely take that deal. The other name on the trading block is Tim Lincencum,but the Giants should be wary and very hesitant to trade him. Last year he was not good at all, but this year he is much improved and had 11k’s in his last start. The Giants need starting pitching right now, with top prospect Kyle Crick a ways away from the bigs and a shallow farm system in that department right now. The Giants will try to salvage the season, but there is no sign of hope for the forseeable future. They’ve tried calling up Tanaka and signing Jeff Francouer to try to ignite some sort of spark, but it hasn’t worked so far. Outfield prospect Gary Brown is hitting only .242 in AAA and is simply not ready for the big leagues. Calling him up could destroy his confidence and hinder his growth as a player. Juan Perez, Cole Gillepsie, Mike Kickham, and Tanaka have all been called up by the Giants without making an impact, and most have been sent back down. Without any star players available for trade, the Giants have been looking to the minor leagues for help, but it’s not coming anytime soon. 2009 first round pick Zack Wheeler was traded to the Mets for Carlos Beltran in a move that still makes me cringe. 2010 first round pick Gary Brown isn’t ready. 2011 first round pick Joe Panik is still in double A, and the remaining prospects in the Giants system are too young, with their talent too raw and unready for the faster, bigger, and stronger MLB. There’s not much left to do for the Giants but build for the future with this season in the pipes. I’ll stick with them to the end, but it doesn’t make watching them lose game after game any easier.


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  1. Why don’t you send this to the Chronicle sports editor? Seems like a pretty good critique to me.

    1. I’m not sure if they take articles from fans but I will ask them for sure.I might also go on the Marty Lourie post game show and talk about it. Thanks for the suggestions Grandpa!

    2. I’m not sure if they publish fan entries but I will ask for sure.I also might go talk about it on the Marty Lourie post game show, they let fans call in. Thanks for the suggestions Grandpa!

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