A-Rod, The Rise, The Fall, and the Ruins

Looking over some old pictures, I came across a couple of a Yankees game I went to. There’s a group picture of all of us, and there’s one of me and my cousin Paul, standing up and clapping at something that had just happened. The picture was taken from behind, and what stuck out mostContinue reading “A-Rod, The Rise, The Fall, and the Ruins”

Should the Giants sell out before the trade deadline?

As much as it pains me to admit it, the Giants season is over. They’ve absolutely tanked over the past two months and are playing like a cellar dweller. Injuries have plagued them, from leadoff and centerfielder Angel Pagan to steady starter Ryan Vogelsong. Andres Torres hasn’t really stepped up as Gregor Blanco’s replacement inContinue reading “Should the Giants sell out before the trade deadline?”

The New New York Yankees

Well, the Opening Day lineup for the Bronx Bombers doesn’t exactly recall memories of Murderers Row. Most of their lineup consists of old, washed up players of yesterday. Vernon Wells, Lyle Overbay, Ichiro. Not to mention the injuries. Texeira, Curtis Granderson, Jeter, and A-Rod are all out for a significant amount of time. If youContinue reading “The New New York Yankees”